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NB: I’ve removed the Cutivare pieces from in advance of Beliefnet taking over the site. I want to maintain my fair use of the pieces and I am unclear about Beliefnet’s copyright perspective because I haven’t researched it. Also, these pieces no longer receive traffic.

A Tale of Three Houses” at’s Sermons

No Forfeit” at’s Sermons

Penny Saved: Burundi’s Village Savings and Loan Associations” at’s Missions Blog

Chewie, We’re Home!” at’s Cultivare

Turame Microfinance: I Plan to Buy My Own House” at’s Missions Blog

Kirundi 101: How Colonial Learned to Speak Burundi in 2014” at’s Missions Blog

What Does LLAP Mean?” at’s Cultivare

You Will Not Bear Children for Calamity” at’s Missions Blog

My Cat Reconsiders Richard Beck’s Awesome God Critique” at’s Cultivare

There’s More to Change Than Surviving CrisisColonial Church

Is Your Money in Mrs. Macklin’s House?” at’s Missions Blog

Hear the Music” at’s Sermons

Green and Red: A Tale of Two Twins” at’s Missions Blog

My Husband Was Sick” at’s Missions Blog

Hermione and Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles” at’s Cultivare

Words, Pills, and Paint: Two Women Bless Their Neighbors” at’s Missions Blog

Food” at’s Missions Blog

Dystopia, Fantasy and Ferguson” at’s Cultivare

We Have This Treasure in Baskets of Sorghum” at’s Missions Blog

What’s the Holy Spirit Doing at Comic Con?” in Salt 3

Marie Gorette’s Neighborhood Starts Over” at’s Missions Blog

6 Short Fiction Stories That Might Simplify Scripture” at’s Cultivare

11 Reasons Wonder Woman Is a Good Role Model for Christian Girls” at’s Cultivare

15 Reasons You Should Care about Dragons” at’s Cultivare

Telling the Genetic Truth Could Get You Killed” at’s Cultivare

Pluto Reduced to a Plutoid Object” at’s Cultivare

Cannibalism, Sandwiches, and the Wine of Life” at’s Cultivare

Don’t Trust Anyone Be My Friend” at’s Cultivare

Get a Face” at’s Cultivare

Vessel Characters: Pipe, Katniss, Jesus” at’s Cultivare

Evangelism 101: Speaking Evolution” at’s Cultivare

Have Been and Always Shall Be Your Friend” at’s Cultivare

The Art of Death: Dulce et Decorum” at’s Cultivare

14 Fictions for Surviving Snowpocalypse 2014” at’s Cultivare

Lego Movie, Leaf by Niggle, and the Urge to Perfection” at’s Cultivare

Hunger Stories | New Ending” at’s Cultivare

Wide Awake” at’s Cultivare

Smile: It’s the New Mark of the Beast” at’s Cultivare

In the City and Under the Mercy” at’s Cultivare

What’s Your Superpower? or Why Can’t You Bear It?” at’s Cultivare

 “The Redemption of Thor” at’s Cultivare

 “War on Christmas Fantasies” at’s Cultivare

Jackson v. Tolkien v. Mieville” at’s Cultivare

Dot Your (Dragon’s) Eyes” at’s Cultivare

Reconsidering Sacrificial Love in Harry Potter” at’s Cultivare

In Here Be Dragons: Solomon, Bob the Tomato, and Classification” at’s Cultivare

Lutherans, Vampires, and First Communion” at’s Cultivare

What’s the Holy Spirit Doing at Comic Con?” at’s Cultivare

Beauty, the Beast, and Domestic Violence” at’s Cultivare

Gravity: the Sounds of Silence” at’s Cultivare

Priest, Shirley Jackson, and C. S. Lewis Walk into a Bar” at’s Cultivare

Missionary Mermaid Wants More” at’s Cultivare

Billy Joel, George R. R. Martin, and Job” at’s Cultivare

Zombie Jesus Saves” at’s Cultivare

Spin, Laugh, Pray” at’s Cultivare

Hunting Satan” at’s Cultivare

From Vision to Walking” in Issue #75 of Thin Places